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Room Service at Novotel

I don't enjoy business trips.  I just long to stay at home --- in fact if I had a job which allows me to work from home all the time - I will most probably be a happier person than I am now.   Business trips make me stay in hotels - and even if they were five star hotels - it still doesn't provide the same comfort that I feel from my own room.

When I am on a business trip - if I am not dining with my colleagues or my clients - I prefer to just order room service.  

I tried Novotel Century's room service.  They were ok - I like the desserts that they offer.  I actually find myself ordering comfort food dishes like Yang Chow Fried rice and mushroom soup. 

On my second night - I ordered sweet and sour pork and cheese cake.  These dishes were really good.   

I must say though that I don't enjoy having dinner next to my bed.  I was definitely longing to go home after the second night.

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