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The Royal Canines in Black and White

Char Siew and Midori are my favorite subjects for my photographs. I must have taken thousands of photos of my two dogs. Most of them however are photos of them doing a sit-stay or a down-stay position. This is because it's difficult to shoot them indoors where I have very little ambient light. So I need to keep the shutter speed slow - so my photos don't end up under-exposed.

The other day - I discovered a technique that will allow me to take more candid shots of the dogs. I can crank up the shutter speed ( 1/200 s. ) if I crank up the ISO to 6400. I realized that my photos will be noisy with that high an ISO - so I decided to use the Blank and White filter of my camera. I think the photos turned out really well. I created a set in flickr to showcase the photos I took with these settings. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we in the house of queens enjoyed shooting them. ( The dogs enjoyed the treats I gave them so they can pose for the camera ).


  1. Beautiful! Though I think the black & white makes Char Siew look even more wrinkly. BOL!

  2. Thanks Melissa. I agree - Char Siew does look a lot more wrinkled in black and white. I guess our brain highlights the shadow and the light - in the absence of color. :D.