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A Trick that Char Siew Can't Do

If there's one thing that you can be sure that Midori can do - spot a treat from miles away.  This is very useful for her when I throw a treat and she catches it.  You can watch this video to see how awesome she is with this trick.

Char Siew - being a Shar Pei - is a very smart dog.  However - his eyes aren't that sharp.  I think he's a bit handicapped by all the folds and wrinkles around his face.   When I throw a treat for him to catch,  see what happens:

He doesn't seem to notice the treat.

Clueless but adorable Shar Pei
 Once he sees the treat - he closes his eyes.

Clueless but adorable Shar Pei
Oh well - it doesn't matter - he has other tricks up his wrinkled sleeves.  Stay tuned for the other tricks of Midori and Char Siew.


  1. Too funny! Do you find that Midori cares more about the treat because of her more sensitive nose?
    Laney likes treats.. when she's in the mood. If it's something REALLY good like chicken or cheese, she'll catch it in the air no problem. If it's a crunchy, dry treat, she'll take it from me, spit it out on the ground, sniff it, and then either eat it OR "hide" it OR leave it there and walk away.

  2. I think the two dogs have different dominant drives. Midori's FOOD drive is very strong. She lives for food. I don't think she has every said NO to any type of food. Char Siew is very cautious about food. Whenever I introduce a new type of food - she observes Midori first and sees if the latter eats it. I don't know if he's wondering if I'm giving him poison. Thinking about it that's actually very Chinese emperor-like and Midori is his eunuch.

    Char Siew's strongest drive is his PREY drive. He loves horse-play and fetch. That's how I motivate him to do tricks. Be obedient - and we will play. That's the rule he understands.