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We Love Ice Cream

For Granddaddy's birthday party - they had gallons and gallons of ice cream.  Char Siew and I love ice cream.  We stay away from nutty and chocolate flavors because those are not good for dogs like us.  But plain or fruity selections like Mango - we know we can lick a little bit of them every now and then.

Waiting for my turn.  Grandmama lets Char Siew lick the cone first.

Woohoo. It's my turn.  Nommy!

Look at Char Siew's face.  I'm not sure if he has sensitive teeth.  BOL.

That's more like it.  Char Siew seems to be enjoying this a lot.

Got to lick into that small cone.  Grandmama - can you put more ice cream on this cone please?

Char Siew is cross.  He wants to have a go at it.

Char Siew says:  Excuse me.  What about me?

Char Siew's turn. He gobbled up a big piece of the cone.


  1. @pinkc00kies - they love visiting my parents' house. They get to eat stuff I don't usually give them.