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Blackrapid SnapR Camera Bag

I bought a camera bag last Christmas.  It's not just a regular camera bag - it's actually a 3-in-1 camera bag.

I own a camera cover for my NEX-5.  When I'm using my camera - and the cover has to come-off - it becomes a problem for me because I don't know where to keep the cover.

With the SnapR - you can quickly grab the camera out of the bag and it's still hooked to the bag - which means you don't have to worry about the bag and the camera.

The bag also has two pockets on its sides.  This is handy for Mobile phones or other camera accessories ( e.g. remote shutter release ).

Apart from being a bag - you have the option of removing the strap from the bag and snapping those two ends together and you end up with a camera-sling ( sans the bag ).  

The bag also comes with a wrist strap - in case you prefer having that instead of the sling or the bag.  Personally - I like the camera around my neck.  This option might be handy for point and shoot cameras.

The only concern I have with the bag is that the strap screws into the tripod socket.  I found that when the camera is just dangling from the sling - sometimes - the screw gets undone.   So I have to constantly check if the screw is tight enough.

For a video of how the bag works - go to their website and checkout a cool demo.

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