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Family Reunion of Humans and Dogs

For December 31, Daddy, Char Siew and I packed up our doggy bag and drove to the Manila Memorial Park to say happy birthday to Great Grandmother Mama 2.   Daddy says he was the one who started calling her Mama 2 - because he calls his mother ( our own grandma ) - Mama.  So Grandma is Mama 1 and Great Grandma is Mama 2.

This year - the Family Reunion at the Memorial park was a great one for Char Siew and me.  We got a lot of noms - and we got to meet our four legged cousins.  Let us introduce you to each one of them.

Beetle - he's a Poodle mix

Badge - He's a Shih-Tzu Chihuahua Mix

Sparky - is Badge's Brother

Pahtzee - the Chihuahua - She is Badge and Sparky's mom

ChiChi the Shih-Tzu

Berry - another Shih Tzu

And here are pictures of Char Siew and me.

That's Grandpa with Char Siew

Beautiful Me - Midori

I hope all my Anipals had an awesome new year.  I hope you brought out your Thunder shirt during the fireworks.

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