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Like many places around the world,  Filipinos celebrate the coming of the new year by making a lot of noise and lighting up the sky with fireworks.  Char Siew, Midori and I did not have to go far to witness a magnificent fireworks display.  We all trekked to Ayala Triangle where many humans and dogs were waiting for the big event.   Char Siew and Midori didn't like the loud noise - but they loved being pet and admired by the humans.

Here are snippets of the fireworks this year - taken using my iPhone.  I must admit - I wasn't thinking straight - I should have taken this horizontally.

The morning after - I woke up early to walk the dogs.  There is a huge mist/smog that settled around the city.  I guess - for one evening - we forget about global warming and light the sky up even if it means polluting the whole city with the fireworks.


  1. I don't think I could stand being outside during fireworks! They don't bother me inside, but if I hear them outside, I run for the house!

  2. Hello Laney. I hope you got a lot of noms during the holidays. Both Char Siew and Midori were scared of the fireworks. I did have to pet them and hug them to reassure them during the whole display. I didn't want to leave them alone in our house because Midori is scared of Fireworks and I'm worried that her anxiety will make her do crazy things. At least - when she was with me - she can be reassured that she is safe. I'm actually proud of her - since she did overcome her fear of loud noises.