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Hanging Out with Our Cousin

Here is a video of Char Siew, my human cousin, and me.  We were having fun at Lolo and Lola's place.  She gave us treats and we performed tricks for her.   Watch out for my roll-over and play-dead trick.


  1. You guys have great focus! Those must be yummy treats! Your cousin is a cutie too!
    Mom tried to teach me "roll over" but the only thing that will get me to lay on my back (that submissive gesture) is a belly rub. When she brings the treat around my back to where I can't see it, I just quickly twist my head around the other way to get it. Mom says I'm too smart (i.e. lazy) for my own good.

  2. Char Siew and I are food motivated dogs :D. I guess that's why we pay attention - even to a seven year old kid when she is holding treats. Or maybe - your mom is right Laney - you are actually one smart cookie ( must be the great combination of Shar Pei and Beagle genes ).

  3. Who trained your dog? :)

  4. Midori and Char Siew went to two training centers:

    BetterDog -
    Rak k-9 -