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Kung Hei Fat Choi

Today, we welcome the year of the Water Dragon.  Kung Hei Fat Choi!  Happy New Year!

The dragon leading the prosperity parade.
Master Joseph Chau Kam Shing presiding over the Paai-Shan Ceremony (prosperity and energizing ritual) 
Master Joseph Chau blessing the crowd.

He encourages everyone to shout Kung Hei Fat Choi while he blesses them.

We were lucky that we were close to a platform. So we were touched by Master Joseph Chau's blessings for the year.

Since it's the year of the dragon - there were two fire-breathing dragons featured behind the stage.

Mandarin Oriental General Manager Mr. Mark Bradford,  Vice President Binay, and Master Joseph Chau dotting the eye of the dragon.

The Lions

Manila's Socialites ( including Ms. Baby Arenas ) were there to celebrate the new year.  She was one of those who dotted the eye of the lions.

Tim Yap and Tessa Prieto hosted the event.

Purple Dragon doing the prosperity dance.

Mandarin Oriental has been celebrating the CNY for the past 16 years.

A lot of Chinese ( and Filipinos ) are looking forward to the year of the Dragon.  It is said to bring people good luck.  This element sign for this year is water - so the luck colors are those which can be seen in fire ( which counteracts water ).  For example the colors red and orange are considered lucky for this year.  

I was born on the year of the Water Ox.  Oxens are known to be steady workers - which makes us very resilient to bad fortune. We can always rely on our hard work to get us through anything.

I wish all of you, my dear readers the best in money, love, and health for this year.  Kung Hei Fat Choi!


  1. And I say Gong Xi Fa Cai back to you!

  2. Thanks Lisa. Hope you had great dim sum from the bay area's Chinatown. :D