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I wanted to go to HappyLemon at Powerplant mall.  The queue was too long - so we decided to check out Serenitea at Jupiter.  I was a bit confused with the names of the tea ( e.g. Hokkaido, Osaka, Black Dragon ). We had to ask the tea ladies what they were so we can understand what kind of tea blend we are ordering.

I ordered Sesame Roasted with Egg Pudding and Read Beans.  I also asked to have 50% sweetness.  When I tasted the tea - the Sesame Roast, Egg Pudding and Red Beans were delicious;  however I should have asked for mild sweetness.

The next day - we wanted to have milk tea again.  This time - I asked for Black Dragon with Pana Cotta.  Black Dragon has a strong roasted taste - which I like.  I also asked for 25% sweetness.  I think that my sweetness preference is between 25% and 50%.

I think I'm becoming a milk tea addict.  Now I understand why business is booming for the operators of these milk tea brands.