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Balamban Liempo from Mercato Centrale

We found out that there is Balamban Liempo being sold at Mercato Centrale.  We discover Balamban on our last visit to Cebu.  I think it's even better than Cebu Lechon.  Why do I say that?   There are portions of a pig that I don't like eating.  For example - I don't like pork hocks but I love Liempo - or pork belly in English - I love to eat.

Balamban Liempo is basically roasted pork belly.  It is different from the ones you get in Manila - because of the spices used in seasoning this liempo.  

Now I know,  I don't need to go to Cebu to get a taste of my favorite roasted pork.  I can have it by driving to Mercato on weekends.