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Cambridge Satchel Music Bag

Finally - I got my Cambridge Satchel Music Bag.  It is red - and not the original purple bag that I ordered.   If you can recall - I ordered this bag almost a year ago and every time I check with the Chocholate Schu Bar store at Powerplant mall, they tell me it is not yet available.  I remember tweeting about it last year and Cambridge Satchel said that they didn't have any backlog in orders.  So I guess either Schu bar or Cambridge Satchel was not telling the truth.   Since I didn't know whether they will deliver my purple bag - I just grabbed whatever was available at that time - which is a red one.   I'm happy with the red bag.  I told Schu bar that if the purple one comes - I will get that one as well.

Red Cambridge Satchel Music Bag

Got mine from Chocolate Schu Bar

This is hand crafted leather for under 200 USD 

I love this metallic bar that keeps the lid closed

A view of the bag with the metal bar unhinged

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