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Char Siew is Emo

It seems like Char Siew's face is a bit more smooched smooshed nowadays.  Let's find out why.

What is the world coming to?  Can't a proud Shar Pei be recognized for what he is?  I've been called a bulldog, a chow-chow, a mastiff.   But today - do you know what a little kid called me?

He asked daddy if I am a Chihuaha.  How can I be a Chihuahua? 

I think I will hide from the world behind this sofa until Daddy promises I will not be mistaken for another breed.  What will they call me next - a Beagle?  Hmpf.


  1. LOL.. Here, "smooched" means "kissed."
    I think he does need extra kisses for that too!

  2. BOL. Actually we meant to write smooshed but blogger keeps on updating the word to smooched. I don't like being kissed but i love giving kisses. :D.

  3. but but but.... chihuahua's are cute! hehe

    1. Yeah. They might be cute - but if I were a 6 foot tall human - I bet I will also be sad if someone asked if I was 4'8". BOL

  4. Hahah! I thought it was just like how British have their own different meanings for words! Gotta love auto-correct! :P