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Dama de Noche

The dogs and I have our morning walk while the it is still dark.  At this time - there are very few people and cars on the street.  Without the cars - there are no noxious fumes and you can actually smell a little bit of fresh air.  Going through Dela Costa st.,  one can even smell the familiar scent of Dama de Noche ( dame of the night ).  It's a small white flower whose scent becomes strong only after sunset.   When I was young, whenever I smell this flower - I imagine that some creature of the night ( kapre, tikbalang, diwata, aswang ) - will just come out of the shadows and attack me. I guess you can say that I get scared when I smell the Dama de Noche.

Today - the Dama de Noche does not make me feel scared anymore. It's good that when I walk during the early morning hours- I have my two guardians with me - Char Siew and Midori.  I'm sure they will fight any of these creatures to keep us all safe.

The moon today is no longer full.

The Dama de Noche flowers

Flowers that only bloom at night

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