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Dzi Beads, Crystal and Gems

The queens acquired some beads and gems to provide some help in attracting good fortune and repelling negativity.   

The ladies at Accessory Lab were very helpful in providing us instructions and background information that will help us in maximizing the benefits of these gems.  We started with the appropriate gems for our sign.  I was born in the year of the Ox.  There were a number of gems for Oxens - which includes Citrine, Aventurine, Rose Quartz and others.   I ended up getting Aventurine.   

Aventurine is a stone that can help with leadership, prosperity and skin conditions.  I definitely welcome prosperity - but I'm more concerned with the skin conditions.  I've been having allergy problems lately and I hope these beads can help address these allergy problems.

Aventurine - Brings Prosperity and Good Skin

Jade is not in  the gems compatible for my Chinese sign.  However - my Western astrology sign - Taurus goes very well with Jade.   I was drawn to these beads because it has the 12 Chinese signs.   Jade provides overall luck.  There is a Chinese saying that "Gold has value.  Jade is beyond value."

Jade Bracelet with all 12 Signs of Chinese Zodiac

This last set of beads is something that I've had for the past couple of years.  I got it from a shop in Market Market.  It's a modern day Dzi Bead with 8 eyes with black Tourmaline.  Black Tourmaline is said to have an ability to repel negative energy.   The 8 eye dzi bead protects the wearer from calamities and injury.   So this last bead provides protection.   I got this in the year of the tiger - which was a year of upheaval - I'm still keeping it as my protection piece in the year of the dragon.

Dzi Beads with 8 Eyes.  Black Tourmaline.

Do you have any charms that you keep that helps in bringing good fortune to your life?

Bonus:  Look at this Buddha beads that the other queen got.  It's made of Jade.  Next to it are Rose Quartz beads.

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