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Bonifacio High Street has a newly opened section.  It features a fountain with multi-colored lights.  It actually has new restaurants which includes Sutra and Aria.   Sutra was referred to us by one of our friends and they said that they enjoyed it and we will most probably enjoy it too.  They were right.

Let's Start with the Bread.  This was awesome.  We had to ask for a second basket because we finished  the first serving really quickly.

The centerpiece features a carnation in a fish-bowl.  I like the overall decor .

Chili-Oil dip.  This is similar to Felix - a restaurant in Greenbelt.  I remember liking Felix's bread too.

Earth Dumpling - This is steamed Spinach and Shitake Dumpling.  We love this.

Another great dish - Duck Confit Croquettes

The Field dumpling - steamed chicken - is not our favorite.  It was ok but not great.

Arugula, Prosciutto, Spinach - all the ingredients in this salad are exquisite.   You may find it odd to have spicy vinaigrette dressing - but it really works.

Sutra Salad - I love the dressing - Cilantro Plum Sauce
For everything that we ordered - we paid 2,000 pesos.  We will definitely come back to try their main dishes.   I'm definitely happy to discover a new great restaurant in the city.

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