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Ultimate Cheese Steaks

A great discovery at Midnight Mercato: Ultimate Cheese Steaks.  You can have your regular cheese steak in a bun - or you can dress it up.  What I chose - Chili Cheese steak.  It's cheesy and it's hot.  I was being daring so I paired it with Chili Bacon fries.  My mouth was burning like hell from all that chili - but I was in food heaven.


  1. Replies
    1. It is - especially the french fries.

  2. got this last weekend. i'm amazed you think of this as heaven. i thought it was bland, boring and ordinary. immensely overpriced. sorry. had something similar at banchetto, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 100x better, and cheaper

  3. I know a wholesale bakery that sells chili steak buns which are really hot and delicious. I wonder if it can beat this one. I haven't tried Mercato's but I know they make great stuff.

    1. I like this sandwich because it was hot and spicy. :D