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Johnnie Rockets Dancers

Caught this on video when we had our dinner at Johnnie Rockets in Tomas Morato.

Simply Thai's Nest

I love sweet potatoes.  I also love coconuts.  When I dined recently at Simply Thai at Greenbelt five - I discovered a dessert that they have which is a great combination of the two:  Caramelized Sweet Potatoes and Coconut Ice cream.  They call it Simply Thai's Nest because the shredded potato (Camote) was put together to look like a nest.  The scoop of homemade coconut ice cream in the middle makes it look like an egg.  The presentation was so pretty that it made me think twice about destroying but as soon as I got a bite --- I told myself --- that I will just take a picture and start devouring this delicious dish.

Fuerza Bruta

We caught the last show of Fuerza Bruta at the Manila Hotel tent.  There was a lot of buzz about this show and we just knew we had to check it out.  We were originally turned off by the price though - it was over 3,000 Pesos - but we were lucky since Ensogo came up with a voucher and we got to see the show for half its original prize.  My verdict?   It was an awesome show!

Doggie Boots

We are going to the beach for Easter weekend. The last time we went to the beach,  we ended up with blisters on our paws.  This time - we are prepared - we got doggy boots.  Char Siew and I think it looks and feels funny - but we will try it out and see if it does make walking on the beach sand more enjoyable.

Brother and Sister Love

Char Siew and I are such good brother and sister.  We share so many things like this water bowl.

Pioneer Center ChaTime

If you are looking for a place where you can hang out and use free WiFi, the Pioneer ChaTime - is a good place to go.  They give you a password for their WiFi network and they even have extension cords provided for each table.  If you like white, pink and purple - which I think a lot of young people like - you will dig their decor.

While you're there - try all of their tea varieties. Did I mention they also serve food?

Snacks from ChaTime

Going to ChaTime at Pioneer Center is starting to be a Sunday routine for the Queens.  Last time were there we just had Milk Team but we noticed that they serve food.  This Sunday, we tried two of their food items: the Curry Dog, and the Pepper and Salt Chicken.  The Curry Dog - is so-so - but the Pepper and Salt Chicken is marvelous.  It's like eating Chicken seasoned with crushed Chippy.


Last weekend,  I bought this kakanin from the Salcedo Market. I couldn't distinguish if it was Purple yam  (Ube) or if it was Sapin Sapin.  It looked delicious so I grabbed it. After almost a week I had a chance to taste it.  I discovered that it's Nilupak. Nilupak is like sweetened purple yam but it's made of either mashed bananas or mashed cassava or mashed sweet potatoes.  I'm not used to having nilupak in a this elliptical shape but shape aside - it's definitely nilupak.  

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

We saw the movie: "Mirror Mirror".  I have always loved Julia Roberts - and I thought she was brilliant as the wicked queen in this movie.  When I grow up - if I don't end up like Anderson Cooper,  I would like to be like Julia Roberts.

Nokia Phone Sculpture

Have you been to Greenbelt 3 Cinema lately?  If you have - you must have seen this sculpture.  It's a humanoid sculpture sitting on a bench.  Upon closer inspection - you will realize that it's made of Nokia Cellular Phones.

A small plaque explains that this is a symbol of Nokia's efforts of being green.  It is their way of showing what can be done from things that we no longer need.  If you ask me - that's actually a very odd message for a company to have.  Is this Nokia's way of saying that their brand is a thing of the past?  That Nokia phones are better off being used as material for sculptures instead of being used as actual communication tools?

I guess you can say - that as a marketing ploy - this doesn't really do any good for Nokia's brand.  They may be the largest mobile phone manufacturer but they are no longer the giant that they used to be.  I confess - I used to be a big fan of Nokia.  For me - the best phone that I had was the Nokia N95.  If my dog didn't eat that phone - I would have used it for years and years.

Alas - I guess we can just thank Nokia for being noble.  Let us thank them for reminding us - that things that we throw away - like their old and outdated phones can be made into something else - like this odd sculpture.  That's Corporate Social Responsibility at it's best --- promoting the message of being GREEN even it meant highlighting that there are so many Nokia phones that are better off being recycled than be actually used as communication devices.

BTW- my favorite phone is the N95.  If my dog didn't eat that phone - I would not have been lured into the dark side ( I now own an iPhone ).

Char Siew is a Shy Boy

Char Siew doesn't want me to post this picture of him.  He hides his face because he thinks it's embarrassing to get caught without his pants.

Shy Shar Pei


Do you like Sesame Seed Balls?  I do.  I love the rice paste ball and the red bean paste filling.  Here in the Philippines we call it Buchi.  We actually have two varieties of Buchi - the familiar one which is covered with Sesame Seed Balls.  The other one is not covered with Sesame Seeds - but covered with toasted sugar.  Both are yummy.  I got both varieties in one package at a stall in Salcedo Market.  This is a great food find.


Bab House

There is a new Korean restaurant in town and they serve good food.  It's Bab House at the RCBC Plaza.  This is a welcome addition to the restaurants at our office building.  Too bad - they are not open 24x7 - so we are only able to eat at Bab House at the start of our shift.  Their dishes are the right level of hot, spicy, sweet, and umami.  

Bibimbap with Beef Bulgogi

Chicken Bulgogi

Mophie Juice Pack Air

I love my iPhone.  I love it so much - that my usage drains its battery quickly.  I think I charge it twice a day.   I know that there are ways of maximizing battery life - like switching off mobile data connection, switching off notifications for Facebook and Twitter and many others.  I did that once - and I found it too cumbersome to switch them on when I want to use them.

So the only solution I have with my iPhone battery problems is to get an external battery source.  I actually have the Kensington Powerlift which was a Christmas gift from one of the queens.  It's a great battery source - but it's useful only if you are stationary and you can dock your iPhone to it.  Unfortunately - if I were stationary - i will just plug my iPhone to a power socket.

This is why I got the Mophie Juice Pack Air.  It was sold out for months in Manila - and when I finally was able to buy one - there were just two pieces on stock.  I've been using it for the past month - and I just love it.  It makes my iPhone heavier - but I don't mind the extra weight.  It almost doubles the battery life of my iPhone between charging.  This means I can use my iPhone during the day - and I just have to charge the Mophie Juice Pack air and my iPhone when I'm asleep.

The iPhone 4 "wearing" the Mophie Juice Pack Air

Comparing Thickness of iPhone 4s and Mophie Juice Pack Air

These lights are indicators when the Juice Pack Air is fully Charged

Charging the Mophie Juice Pack Air is done via a Micro USB Connection

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Char Siew is all bark and stunts and growl when we play.

But in the end - look at who ends up with cuts and nicks.  Oh well - he seems happy about - he's still smiling even if he has cuts on his eye and forehead.