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Baby Pictures

I have a new camera: the Canon 60D.  I decided to make an investment on grab this wonderful gadget.  Here are test shots of my favorite models:  Char Siew and Midori.  I think the camera takes wonderful pictures - but I think the colors a bit too bright for my taste.  I find de-saturating the colors a bit.   Midori and Char Siew are very curious with the camera - when I try to take pictures of them - they approach and try to sniff it.  Maybe it's because the lens ( which is an 18-200 mm EF-S ) looks like a creature with a long proboscis.

Run Char Siew!  Run!

Char Siew! Stop scratching your

Midori doing Doggie Yoga.

Midori Looking out the Window while showing us her bum.

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