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Espadrilles, Pink Tumblers, and Magnum Ice Cream

I bought a new pair of Espadrilles from Aldo.  The queen was surprised I bought them since they were priced higher than the ones from Toms.  I actually tried a pair of Toms and found that they were too narrow for my feet - so I guess I'm happy with my Aldo pair even if they're more expensive.

Aldo Espadrilles

Today - I was at Starbucks and noticed a stack of pink tumblers.  I like pink but I thought that pink tumblers were odd.  I asked the barista why they were pink and they could not explain.  I posted the picture on my Facebook profile asking people if they knew why they were pink.  One of my friends informed me that they were in celebration of spring.  The pink color reflects the pink cherry blossoms ( or known as Sakura in Japan ).  I wasn't keen on getting the pink tumblers - but when I learned that they were sakura decorated - I'm thinking of getting one.

Pink Starbucks Tumblers - Cherry Blossoms

Lastly - as my day came to an end --- I tried Magnum Ice Cream.  Twitter feeds in the Philippines were abuzz with this new brand.  It seems like they paid a lot of endorsers by having them tweet about Magnum.  That's a smart move.  Now everyone is curious about the ice cream - including the residents of the house.  We tried it - and honestly - I don't know what the big deal is.

Magnum Ice Cream


  1. Replies
    1. That's what I tried. The chocolate and nuts they used were really good - but I prefer the Selecta Gold Series Ice Cream. One thing I noticed though is that the ice cream didn't melt easily.

  2. It's a social climber's popsicle nga daw eh, heheh.. Must be the hype

    1. Hmmm ... eh bakit ako social climber din - pero hindi ko na-type-an? LOL. ;-)

    2. baka isa ka talagang tunay na alta, hhaha!

    3. the so-called socialites in twitter were raving about it so yeah, advertisers probably paid them. props to selecta for utilizing social media. it seemed to work, but it's overrated IMO. and these so-called socialites are using their number of followers to get endorsements :-)