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Nokia Phone Sculpture

Have you been to Greenbelt 3 Cinema lately?  If you have - you must have seen this sculpture.  It's a humanoid sculpture sitting on a bench.  Upon closer inspection - you will realize that it's made of Nokia Cellular Phones.

A small plaque explains that this is a symbol of Nokia's efforts of being green.  It is their way of showing what can be done from things that we no longer need.  If you ask me - that's actually a very odd message for a company to have.  Is this Nokia's way of saying that their brand is a thing of the past?  That Nokia phones are better off being used as material for sculptures instead of being used as actual communication tools?

I guess you can say - that as a marketing ploy - this doesn't really do any good for Nokia's brand.  They may be the largest mobile phone manufacturer but they are no longer the giant that they used to be.  I confess - I used to be a big fan of Nokia.  For me - the best phone that I had was the Nokia N95.  If my dog didn't eat that phone - I would have used it for years and years.

Alas - I guess we can just thank Nokia for being noble.  Let us thank them for reminding us - that things that we throw away - like their old and outdated phones can be made into something else - like this odd sculpture.  That's Corporate Social Responsibility at it's best --- promoting the message of being GREEN even it meant highlighting that there are so many Nokia phones that are better off being recycled than be actually used as communication devices.

BTW- my favorite phone is the N95.  If my dog didn't eat that phone - I would not have been lured into the dark side ( I now own an iPhone ).


  1. unusually long blog entry :)
    but yeah, i've read somewhere that nokia is one of the greenest tech companies in the world. too bad their phones aren't as good anymore

    1. My original blog post was two sentences long:

      Nokia has a phone sculpture at Greenbelt. I think this is their way of reminding us that their phones are best used as recycling material.


      I was a big Nokia fan. I got the N97 instead of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4. But the N97 was such a bad phone that I tried Android after the N97. I didn't like Android - so now I'm using an iPhone 4s.