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Easter Weekend - Acuaverde

It's that time of the year when all Filipinos take a break from their daily lives.  We at the house of queens spent our Easter weekend at our favorite resort: Acuaverde in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas.  They remembered us from our last visit.  The resort is as good as we remembered - even if there were a lot more people ( and some dogs ) this time.  They were a bit more expensive due to the high demand on Easter but they had all meals included.

Here are some of our pictures from this visit.

We stayed in the same room - downstairs - facing the garden.

There were a lot of activities available to guests of Acuaverde and the neighboring resorts.

Lots of families this time.

The tree house has a bird cage with these colorful birds.

I love the way Acuaverde looks at night.

The loungers at night

The loungers during the day.

Another cluster of rooms. 
Midori and Char Siew enjoying the early morning sun.

Food is good.  Here is my afternoon snack of Pinoy spaghetti.

Every BODY can be found at Acuaverde.

Sunrise at Acuaverde.

Kids playing on the sand.

Standard and Toy Poodle - guests of Acuaverde

Fishermen casting their nets while guests watch.

A couple enjoying their early morning walk