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The Queens Have a new Home

Hear ye! Hear Ye!  The queens have a new home.  We have moved out of our old place in the middle of Makati's business district.  Our new home is located on top of a mountain - over 4,000 feet above sea level.  The city is called Baguio.

The big move happened over two months ago.  This is one reason why we have not been actively posting entries into the House of Queens.  We had been very busy with the move.  After two months - everything that needs to be moved has been moved and our old house has been turned over to our previous landlady.

We love our new home.  Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines because it has temperate weather all year round.  Since our move - we've seen temperatures between 15 to 22 deg C ( 59 to 72 deg F ). 

Baguio is a beautiful city with rolling hills, zig-zag roads, pine trees that are over centuries old.   We are definitely happy with our new home.   I will get y'all up to speed on what we've been busy since our last post.  Stay tuned my dear readers.

Pine Trees of Baguio

The Sky is so Much closer in Baguio

Breathtaking View of the Mountains

Lots of Green everywhere you Look

Houses Built on the face of the Mountain

Because of the Low Temperatures, Houses are equipped with Fireplaces

The Kitchen of Our New House