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Baguio Dogs

Daddy has shared in his previous post that we have moved to the mountains.   We drove for six hours from our old home to our new home in Baguio City.  When Daddy broke the news, we didn't know how to react.  We didn't even know what a mountain is.  Daddy did assure us that we will like it.  He is right - we do like our new home.  There's so much to explore in this new house.

Here are some our favorite photos in our garden.  There's a lot more coming - so please drop by again to find out what we've been up to in our new house.

Char Siew does not like wet grass.  So he uses the stone path to move around the garden.

Midori spotted a butterflly.

Midori trying to escape from the garden.  Char Siew telling her NO.

Char Siew says:  Sunshine - it's my favorite.

There's so much grass in this garden.  Lots to chew.

You can see the "steps" that Midori can explore.

Midori running free.

Fresh air for Char Siew.  Cool too.  Around 18 deg. C.

Midori all smiles.

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