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More pictures from Bangalore

I planned to go around Bangalore to show my readers more sights.  Unfortunately, I got hooked in my shopping and ended up with Cashmere shawls and a Persian rug and ended up not having time to go around Bangalore.  So I am going to share more pictures of the city from our hotel.

From our window we can see Ulsoor lake.

This Hindu temple is small but it reflects the many Gods of the Hindu faith.  I had a conversation with my colleague where I was asking them to help me remember the name of one of their Gods.  We were having a hard time identifying her since there are hundreds of Gods.  It wouldn't even help if I say that the God I'm thinking of is a She because that's half of them.

Near that temple is this Hindu structure similar to the Thai and Siem Reap structures.  

Lastly,  I would like to share the picture of this railroad track which runs through the city.  This is pretty new.  Apart from the airport, this is another product of the rapid development of Bangalore - a light rail transit.

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