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Revisiting Bangalore

Today, I am in India.  Bangalore to be exact.  It has been ten years since my last visit.  They have a new airport which is a huge improvement from the old one.  The city has changed so much.  I remember Bangalore looked like Los Banos with many gardens and less crowded streets.  Today it reminds me of Cubao with its heavy traffic, chaotic driving, and polluted air.

What am I looking forward to in this visit?  Great Indian food,  Pashmina and Tea.


  1. Beautiful photo. Love to see more. I was in Bangalore in early 2006 - before the new airport was built. Would love to see what it's like now - the old one was in the middle of the city, essentially, and hospital green. Mosquitoes had open access. Glad to hear the modernization is making some progress, too bad the city life has suffered.

    1. Thanks Lisa. You gave me an idea. You are right - I should take photos of the airport - so I can show you how modern it is.

      I have snapped a couple of photos - still within my hotel window - which I will post next week. I tried walking around our hotel - which is located at MG road - and Bangalore is no longer the resort city that I remember it to be. The temperature is still pleasant as it is located 800 feet above sea level.

      Today - I will venture to Commercial st. so I can grab the pashmina shawls for my mom and friends.