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I first heard of Sugar - a German Shorthaired Pointer - from my parents on their last trip back to our home in Manila.  They spoke of a new dog that has been fostered by our uncle and aunt.  My uncle and aunt, bless their heart, love animals and their family is composed of their children and fur children ( both cats and dogs ).  Sugar ended up in their home after one of their friends offered to give her to them.

When I found out that she is a German Shorthaired Pointer - I remembered how big they are and did some research.  I found out that they are highly energetic dogs and living in a townhouse in the city might not be best place for them.  Of course my Aunt and Uncle realize that as well and were happy when I told my dad I'd like to give Sugar a home in Baguio.  We can keep her and care for her and treat her as my own.

She moved in with us last weekend and has been trying to adopt to our household.  Midori and Char Siew are of course guarding their territory --- actually Char Siew than Midori.  Char Siew had always been territorial.  So we keep watch to ensure that Char Siew does not bully the sweet Sugar.

Sugar has discovered the cool weather of Baguio and the toys that Midori and Char Siew has.  She's just a year and half years old.  I plan to have her trained,  I also plan to have her spayed.   

My friends tell me that I might end up just adopting her.  We'll see.  As I said - we'll treat her like family but I also know that if there's a better home for her - I'd be happy to give her that forever home.

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