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Beaglehood of the Traveling Yodapants

There is a traveling Yoda costume that haunts Beagles around the world.  It all started in Amsterdam with a beagle named Hunter.  All the Beagles in Twitterworld ( along with their humans ) had a good laugh seeing Hunter's pictures.  Hunter decided that he can't be the only Beagle wearing the Yoda pants - so he decided to send the yoda pants to a journey around the world.   The gallery of Beagle Yodas is posted in a blog called "When We Was Yoda".

It was Midori's turn last Summer to be Yoda for  day.  We decided to have the pictorial in our garden.  The pictures turned out really well and Midori was every bit the professional model that we trained her to be.  These are her best shots form the Photo shoot.

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