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Brita is Her New Name

Back in September, we fostered a German Shorthaired Pointer named Sugar.  We offered to foster her  and bring her to Baguio - where the climate is cooler than her former home: Manila.  I already have a Shar Pei named Char Siew and a Beagle named Midori.  Having a third dog was not in my plan.  So the plan was to keep her until we find her forever home.  Two months into the adoption - we decided to give her a forever home.  We also gave her a German name: Brita.  She's a shy dog - and the other fur-babies in our house tend to mark their territory against her.  Overall - she has settled in and she seems to be really happy with her new home.

The sofa is no longer the sole territory of Beagle.  GSPs like getting on furniture.

Brita loves running around our garden.

This is the signature stance of the GSP - they use it to point to birds that they help humans hunt.

She's very curious.

The sunny weather in Baguio brings out her brilliant spots.

This is why we decided to adopt her.  Look at those eyes.  How can you say good bye to those eyes?

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