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Star Rangers and Snow Leopard

Now that I have a tripod, a wireless shutter trigger, a flippable screen on my Canon 60D - I can easily take self-portraits.   These two pictures showcase items that I got this Christmas as gifts or items from the local flea market. 

The Star Rangers T-Shirt and Star Rangers mug are gifts I received from Christmas. 
A friend gave me this Star Ranger T-shirt and the Star Rangers mug.  I loved this series when I was young.  I'd watch them every afternoon - and looked forward to the characters kicking this football like thing to defeat their enemy.

The Snow Leopard Hat - I got from the Harrison Road Bazaar in Baguio

Was I cold when I bought this silly hat?  Nope - I just wanted it because it was fun to wear.  I actually saw a "pack" of teenage friends wearing these on Session Road.   There's actually an added bonus to wearing the hat - Brita goes crazy when I wear the hat.  It actually looks funny when she goes bonkers. I wonder if she thinks the hat is an actual animal?!?

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