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The Baguio City Christmas Tree

I think this series of Christmas post will not be complete if I don't feature the Baguio City Christmas tree that can be found on Session Road.   It gets lit up on December 1.  I like this year's tree - I actually prefer it over last year's tree.

The GIF version was created by Google when I uploaded the original photo.

Camp John Hay Techno Hub - Nutcracker

I'm trying to catch up on my Christmas posts before the season ends.  Another Christmas decoration that keeps the holiday festivities alive in Baguio are the Nutcracker soldiers standing guard at the Ayala Techno Hub in Camp John Hay.

Baguio Christmas Decorations

While walking along the streets of Baguio - you will find interesting Christmas decorations.  These are two of my favorites.  They can be found along Leonard Wood Road ( that's near Teacher's Camp ).

One of the houses have this on their front yard.  It's a nice Holy Family scene.  In Filipino - we call it Belen.  

During the day - it's already pretty - but at night - it's even better with a Star lit up making the scene complete.  One thing to note - I think St. Joseph should have been placed on the left because in this position it seems like he's turning away from St. Mary and baby Jesus.

Another display that I like is from the Mountain Lodge.  They seem to have great displays every year.  Note - twinkling lights were added by Google when I uploaded the photo - they created a GIF version of the photo.  How awesome is that?

This year - they have a Choir setup in front of their hotel.  The whole hotel is also lit up.

Don't you think the Angel Choir look pretty?

Saint Louis University Lantern Parade 2013

The most festive time of the year in the Philippines is Christmas.  Here in Baguio,  the season actually opens up with the traditional Lantern Parade organized by the Saint Louis University.  It is held on December 1 and coincides with the lighting of the Christmas tree on Session Road.  The parade starts at 7:00 PM.  For the past two years,  I've stationed myself on Upper Session road to take photos of the event.

I try to be early to take photos of the participants during daylight.  Some of their attire are very colorful - and you can't really see them when it gets dark.

The Senor Sto. Nino seems to be making an appearance this year. 

Session Road is a winding road --- which makes it ideal for capturing the trail of lanterns.

Some lanterns have a repeat performance.  I've seen these flowers ( tulips? ) from last year's parade.  I can't blame them for reusing it -- they look pretty.

This one is new.  Fish-shaped lanterns.

The Jellyfish lanterns are also great to see.

The students seem to take great pride in representing their groups in this parade.

I wasn't able to see the S formation this year --- I think I was further down the road last year.  I can only capture a C formation.

Remember my 2nd photo at the earlier part of this post?  Here are the lanterns lit up resting on top of the students' heads.

The parade ends on Melvin Jones Grandstand.  I think - I'll try to go there next year - to see how the parade looks like from that point of view.

Look - some dogs take part in the parade.  Maybe I should take Midori, Char Siew and Brita next year.

My Entries to the TIgerAir promo of Jessica Rules the Universe

I submitted photos to Jessica Zafra's TigerAir promo.   Three of the photos are now finalists.  Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Link to Jessica's announcement -> Jessica's Announcement of finalists

If you have photos of Palawan or Boracay - you can join the contest by following the instructions -on this blog post -> Instuctions on how to Join TigerAir promo

My Leather Jacket

Going through the ukay ukay (thrift stores) in Baguio is fun.  You can find lots of great things to buy. Of course you have to be patient.  And mya dvice ... unless you are confident on your ability to spot a fake - shy away from buying luxury brands.  I encourage you to focus on quality, craftsmanship and value for money.

Last weekend - I was able to buy this leather jacket. It's fine leather with a great cut. Brand is unknown.  Reasonably priced.  I love it.

Answers to the Scenes from Baguio Quiz

Were you able to guess where the pictures from the previous post were taken?

Most people are familiar with the Burnham park and the Athletic bowl.  Not too many will recognize the Melvin Jones Grandstand.

You may have seen the Cemetery of Negativism and the Pet Cemetery.  There is actually a third cemetery which I am not familiar with.  I can't figure out what its name is.   All 3 cemeteries I mentioned are found at Camp John Hay.

The lawn is familiar - but the popular house is covered by this nativity scene.  This is the Mansion's lawn.  They've decorated it with this nativity scene and Santa Clause hanging from a tree nearby.

Scenes from Baguio

Let's play a game.  I have three pictures on this blog post.  Can you tell me where these pictures were taken?  I will give the answers in tomorrow's post.

Boots from Reeds "Barn" Bootery

I am not afraid of color.  Especially color on my shoes.  That's why I had orange, green and red loafers.   I also have blue green brogues.  Recently - I got this bright metallic blue driving shoes that everyone loves.  I've added a new pair to my collection.  This time - I went to the Reeds "Barn" Bootery at Abanao square for a new pair of light blue boots.

I discovered the shop during one of the visits from the Queens of Manila.   They had knee high boots that the shop custom made for them.  I didn't need knee high boots - I only needed calf high boots.

I was initially wondering if I will ever be able to wear sensible clothes with these boots.  It turns out - I can wear them with my gray pants and khakis.   Oh - I even had a matching belt made.

If you want to get in touch with the Reeds store - go to their website:

My Bally Bag

Going through the Ukay-Ukay ( 2nd hand thrift stores ) in Baguio can be fun.  If you are patient, lucky, or both,  you can find great items.  A month ago,  I was able to buy a Bally bag from one of the stores.  I will venture out to proclaim that it's authentic.  The hardware, the craftsmanship and the tag inside the bag says it's authentic.   I bought the bag for 3,000 pesos.

The bag has two compartments.  To be honest - at first look - it looks like a camera bag.

When I use the bag - one compartment - I use for my laptop.

The other compartment holds my miscellaneous items ( umbrella, sunglasses etc. ).

The bag is great - one thing that shows its age are these leather squares which were already detaching from the strap when I bought it.  I had to get it repaired.

Have you ever visited the Ukay-Ukay stores in Baguio?   What's your best find in the stores?

Pink Shorts from Greenhills

When I'm in Manila - I end up shopping too much.  But looking at these pink pair of shorts - how can you not buy them?   Yes - I have too many shorts now - but I think my closet has some space left for one more ( actually two pairs because I got it in Aqua ).  

BTW - I really don't know how to negotiate with the Greenhills ladies.   I got these for 350 pesos - which for me is a fair price.  But my friends say I paid too much.