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Midori and her Sun Visor

The sun was just too bright - I had to improvise.  I used my ears as a sun visor.

NOTE: A guest post from Midori the Beagle

Jacket from Ukay Ukay

I got this Adidas jacket from an Ukay Ukay stall at Harrison Road.  I got it for approximately 7 USD.  That's a good deal - considering these jackets can go between 70 to 100 USD.  BTW - I wasn't able to keep it for myself.  My dad liked it - and asked that I give it to him.  I did - under the condition that I can borrow it. 

Strawberry Woman Having Lunch

It was a hot day in Baguio.  I was hungry - and it was lunch time.  I saw  this woman looking disinterested in the lunch that she was having.  I think she was eating Danggit ( dried small fish ).  Or maybe it was Pinakbet.  Anyways --- after shooting this photo - I rushed home to have lunch cooked by mom.  I was inspired by this lady to use my hands while I ate.  Unlike her - I was very much enthused with the dish that Mom cooked for me.

Char Siew is Meditating

Watching Char Siew still and in deep thought can be a peaceful exercise.  I often wonder what goes up there in his head?  Is it all just fun and play?   Does he feel sorry for bullying Brita?  Is he thankful that he is here in Baguio - living with pleasant weather all year round?

Portable Paper Shredder from Muji

My friends make fun of me because I keep credit card and ATM receipts in my wallet.  If you are familiar with the Seinfeld episode where George had a very fat wallet/billfold because of his receipts --- my wallet can sometimes get to that state.  I don't keep the receipts as keepsakes.  I keep them because I'm paranoid about leaving my banking information in the trash.  So - what I do is I keep them in my wallet - then once a month - I shred them using my shredder at home.

Last Christmas - I discovered that Muji actually has a portable shredder.  It doesn't need electricity to operate - you just turn a know clockwise - similar to the motion you make when using a pencil sharpener.   It's very handy - and can even fit in your purse or man-purse.  

I excitedly showed it to my friends --- and they were not amused.  They asked me why I can't just tear up the receipts using my bare hands.  Uh-duh-uhm.  I don't have any answer to that question.

Playing a Game of Golf - Sort of

My friends told me that I need to learn how to play golf.  I tried - so many times before but I never really picked it up.  Those who love the game say that if you like having fun trying to get better every time you play - then golf is the game for you.  That's my problem --- I really don't like doing things that I'm not good at.   In fact - while reading this book on solving my Procrastination problems ( which I'll write about in another entry ) --- that's precisely my problem --- I want to be perfect and if I'm not perfect - I crucify myself for it.

Anyways - time to face the music - and shout to the universe that I don't end up embarrassing myself as I play golf with the bosses.   Wish me luck ( and I don't know if lady luck can carry me through this - but I wish she would ).

Driving up to Baguio

Today I share scenes from our drive up to Baguio along Marcos Highway.   We don't take Kennon Road because of ongoing road repair.  Kennon Road is a more scenic route --- and during the rainy season you will even see water falls on the face of the mountain.   That doesn't mean there are no interesting sites on Marcos Highway as seen in these pictures.

Garden Flowers

The house in Baguio has a wide variety of plants in its garden.  We actually see different flowers in bloom - depending on the season.    This is one reason - why my parents and myself love this house. 

Cemetery of Negativism

There is an odd site in Camp John Hay called the Cemetery of Negativism.  I took pictures of it when I first saw it - but I never really understood what it's for - until now - when I zoomed into the epitaph written on this tombstone.   It's hard to read - so I decided to transcribe it for you.


NEGATIVISM is man's greatest self imposed infliction,
His most limiting factor,
His heaviest burden.

No more, for here is buried the world's negativism for all time.
Those who rest here have died not in vain.
But for you a stern reminder.

-- As you leave this hill, remember that the rest of your life,
Be more positive.

Make a good day!
Treat today like it's your last.
Though it's the first of the rest


Quirky Ear Buds Organizer

I love products that have very simple designs - but extremely functional.  This ear buds organizer from Quirky is a good example of that.  Allow me to demonstrate:

Right out of the packaging - it looks like a simple contraption - no fuss.

Holds the cables together.  You can keep it on - even while you're using your ear buds.

Voila! This is the magical part - it can serve as an iphone stand when your having a FaceTime call.

It will even hold your iPhone on landscape orientation - so perfect even for watching videos.
 In the Philippines - you can get the product from Beyond the Box.

Mickey Mouse Clock

I have a new alarm clock - a Christmas gift form the queen.   I love it.  It's read - and it has a vintage looking print.  Tell me something - why does Mickey Mouse have a dog for a pet and a dog for a best friend?   And why can Goofy talk but Pluto can't?

Scenes from Boracay

The temperature in Baguio is dropping.  It's mostly pleasant - but it also makes me think of the past summer.  The queens went to Boracay - and had a blast.  I was also able to use my Canon SX220 - which is a small camera - with a big zoom.  This allowed me to take pictures of different scenes in Boracay.

Surfer Dude ( Actually Skim Boarding Dude )

Vendors - they sell hats, shades

Foreigner Couple

The over-tanned speedo wearing foreigner

The Barkada

Willy's Rock

Paraw ( with a Condom ad )

Lover's Quarrel?

And of Course - the magnificent sunset of Boracay

Siberian Wind

The coldest months in the Philippines has come ( January and February ).  The cold winds from up north ( China and Siberia ) are blowing our way.  It's becoming difficult to get up in the morning - since the temperature is hovering within 11 and 12 degrees Celsius.

BTW -- found a cool app called instaweather which allows you take instagram photos and post it with the current weather information for your location.  Pretty cool huh?

Radio Philippines and Shazam - A Perfect Combination

The two apps: Radio Philippines and Shazam are a perfect pair.  They are not new apps and I've used them separately before.  Recently, I discovered that they can work together.

As a background information,  Radio Philippines is an app that lets you listen to the streaming sites of the Radio Stations in the Philippines.  Shazam - is the magic app that identifies the song that you are listening to.  Radio Philippines - can run in the background - and if you need help in identifying the song that is playing on your favorite station,  just bring up Shazam.   If you want to purchase the song from iTunes or if you want to view YouTube videos of the song - Shazam provides buttons in the app that will let you do that.

This - is radio listening in the wonderful world of Smartphones.


Daddy - did you use cologne again?  You stink!

Blogger's note:  A guest post from Char Siew the Shar Pei.

Suit Up!

Since I was packing up my winter clothes - I thought of checking out my business suit as well.  It has been almost a year since I wore my business suit.  The last time was when I was being interviewed for my current job.   I gained so much weight in the last 6 months - that I'm not sure if it still fits.

I'm happy to report that the suit still fits perfectly.

Packing for Winter

I will be in the US on February for a business trip.  I've actually been traveling a lot for my job lately.  Packing and preparing for these trips - especially during winter time requires some planning.  The Philippines is a tropical country - so my winter clothes will have to be unearthed from my closet,  checked if they still fit, and sent to the cleaners.

For this trip - I've decided to bring either my sleeveless jacket or my white puffy jacket.  For sure - I will be packing my trench coat with me.  I may just have to layer if the temperature is too cold.  Now - I need to look for thermals.  Thankfully - that's easily available in Baguio ( and no - I'm not referring to the vintage shops ).

Eighth Hole

The Camp John Hay golf course is beautiful - of course that's the only adjective I can use ( apart from big ) since I don't play golf.  One of my favorite spots in Baguio is the road close to the eighth hole.  Not a lot of people know about this road - since most visitors would pass through the main road from the gate leading to Baguio Country Club.

I usually pass by this road while I'm in my car.  One weekend - I decided to do a photo walk through that road.  These are the photos from that shoot.