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Driving up to Baguio

Today I share scenes from our drive up to Baguio along Marcos Highway.   We don't take Kennon Road because of ongoing road repair.  Kennon Road is a more scenic route --- and during the rainy season you will even see water falls on the face of the mountain.   That doesn't mean there are no interesting sites on Marcos Highway as seen in these pictures.


  1. Any idea on when the roadworks at kennon will be finished?

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. On your question - some people say it will be done just in time for Panagbenga ( February ). Note - Kennon is passable. Hundreds of cars pass through it daily - just not our car - since we don't like driving through the unfinished parts of the road.

      To be safe --- you can stop by the Shell prior to the fork between Kennon and Marcos --- you can see there if Kennon ( or Marcos or Naguilian ) is passable.

  2. Thank you for the reply unfortunately my annual journey to Baguio was cancelled due to personal reasons. Re scheduling it maybe sa Dec. pa : )