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Ferino's Bibingka

The most popular Bibingka outlet in the Philippines is Ferino's.  Like most big food outlets in the Philippines - it started out as a small stall but because it was so good - people looked to have one in their neighborhood.  I thought that the original stall was in San Juan,  apparently - according to their tumblr site,  it started out in Tondo.   In Baguio,  the Ferino's bibingka stall is located on the parking level of Porta Vaga next to the Baguio Cathedral.

I got myself two servings ( which is really big ).  I opted for the one with Kesong Puti ( Native white cheese ).   I like my Bibingka sweet.   Whenever I have Bibingka - I put a little bit more Muscovado sugar from our pantry since the sugar that they give out is not enough.   

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