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Gorilla Workout

NOTE:  Updated the blog entry to correct an information.   The app has a lite version in the Apple Store which is free.  However - there's a full version which is not free.  As of the time that this post was written - the full version is selling for 0.99 cents.   The Android version is also not free.

Most people have come up with New Year resolutions.  Most of them will list down starting a healthy and active lifestyle.  For Filipinos - since our beach season comes in earlier than the rest of the world ( it starts in March and not June ),  this means we have a shorter time to shed off the pounds that we gained during the Christmas festivities.

If you're like me - who is not keen on going back to the gym and is looking for an alternative means of exercising - you may want to check out the app on the Apple store called Gorilla workout.  The app wonderfully provides workout routines - which do not even need any equipment.  The exercises use your body weight as resistance.

You can choose from four levels.  How do you know what level you are at?  Answer this question:  How many push-ups can you perform?  The more push-ups you can do - the higher the level that you should choose.

Once you open a level - you can see the list of exercises that you will perform at this level.

If you want to know what an exercise is,  the app will have a description of the actions that you need to execute for the exercise.

If you can't understand the words - no sweat - you can watch a short video demonstrating the exercise.

I've been following the routines religiously.  Each routine I have done so far at the beginner level has 2 or more exercises in it.   At the completion of a routine - you can choose to share that achievement in Facebook or Twitter.

I really like the app.  It's a simple - but can be a challenging way - to get off the couch and start moving.   If you are looking for an exercise option like me - then head out to the Apple store and download the app.    I checked the developer's website - and it indicated that the app is also available for Android users.


  1. looks like a nice app but it's not free! hahha it's actually cheap but i wish there was a free trial so I could test it first and see if it works for me.

  2. Oh. That's odd. I got mine for free. Maybe they had a 24 hour sale?

  3. maybe it's free for ios. i'm using android. but that's just unfair for android users, hehe

    1. Ah. I see. Then I should update this entry to say that it's not free for Android.