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Jump Shot

Jump shots are always fun to make.  However - it can really be tiring for the model ( i.e. myself ).  I think I burned a thousand calories just getting the right shot during this shoot.  

They key in getting a jump shot is timing.  I had to make sure that I was up in the air when the shutter releases.  Getting the right timing is challenging - so it would be good to set a delayed shutter release of 10 secs and jump on the 10th second.   For my own shoot - it's a good thing that I have a remote shutter timer that can be programmed to shoot a series of pictures ( which I set to 5 ) with an interval of 5 secs. each.   So every 5 secs. I will jump.  3 times out of 5 - I capture a shot with me jumping.

Do any of you dear readers have any tips for getting a good jump shot?

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