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Maldita 3 in One T-Shirt Pack

One of the queens don't like it when I wear V-Neck T-shirt.  She claims that I look like I'm going farming - when I wear them.  She doesn't have anything against the idea of farming -- however she knows that my thumbs could not make any plant grow - so the farmer look does not fit me.

I do not listen to her  - and I still end up with a dozen of these T-shirts.  Their part of my basic pieces - and I typically wear something over the Ts ( like a Jacket or a Sweater vest ).  Last weekend - I found out that Maldita for Men sell T-shirts for a very good price.   They sell 3 pieces of the T-shirt for 699 pesos ( around 16 USD ).  They were on sale - so I even got a 15% discount for each pack - and I ended up spending under 200 pesos per T-shirt.

Maldita 3-in-1 T-Shirt Pack


  1. i like v-neck shirts too. it's what gays like to wear they say, which i think is true, hehhe. however, i did not buy v-necks from maldita because i thought the cloth was a little thin (i.e. bakat ang ut*ng, lol).

    1. I quickly checked my pics to see if my nips were showing. Hindi naman pala. Maybe you can use nips tape?

    2. nips tape? me ganon pala? haha! effort na siguro magsuot nyan. anyway, i've had luck finding thicker v-necks at hammerhead