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New Eyeglasses

Eye glasses - frame brand is Michael Kors
Back in May of 2012,  I had intra-occular lenses implanted onto my eyes.  I was actually planning to just have laser correction of my eyes - but the doctor found cataract in my eyes - so she recommended that I just replace my eyes' lenses with artificial ones.

Getting the operation was the best thing that I ever did for myself.  I wore glasses since I was seven - and I started wearing contact lenses when I was 18.  So for most of my life - I needed either eye glasses or contact lenses to see clearly.  I still am amazed when I wake up in the morning and I can see clearly without any help.

However - even with the operation, my vision is not perfect.   I've actually reached that age - when I need correction for distance and for reading.  The doctor said that this happens as you get older because the eyes could not focus on shorter distances.  There are existing intra-occular lenses which can do both.  Unfortunately - my eyes could not handle that - so I can only get those lenses that provides distance correction.   The solution that my doctor recommended is for me to setup mono-vision.   My right eye ( which is my dominant eye ) is configured to see long distances.   My left eye is what I will use for reading.  The human brain works wonderfully and it just knows which eye to use for what purpose.

This is almost perfect for most occasions.  What I found out though is that it doesn't work well when I'm driving fast at night.   I noticed that in my last visit to the US - I will miss exits because I couldn't see signs clearly.  So when I got home - I went to my doctor and asked if I can actually have eyeglasses that I can use for driving.   So the doctor gave me a prescription that I will be using as my "driving" eye glasses.

The eye glasses are pictured above.  I was looking for Rayban-Wayfarer frames but they were not available in Baguio - so I settled for something that looks similar.  The frames are from Michael Kors fitted with transition lenses ( the ones that go dark when bright sunlight hits it ).

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