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Playing a Game of Golf - Sort of

My friends told me that I need to learn how to play golf.  I tried - so many times before but I never really picked it up.  Those who love the game say that if you like having fun trying to get better every time you play - then golf is the game for you.  That's my problem --- I really don't like doing things that I'm not good at.   In fact - while reading this book on solving my Procrastination problems ( which I'll write about in another entry ) --- that's precisely my problem --- I want to be perfect and if I'm not perfect - I crucify myself for it.

Anyways - time to face the music - and shout to the universe that I don't end up embarrassing myself as I play golf with the bosses.   Wish me luck ( and I don't know if lady luck can carry me through this - but I wish she would ).

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