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Portable Paper Shredder from Muji

My friends make fun of me because I keep credit card and ATM receipts in my wallet.  If you are familiar with the Seinfeld episode where George had a very fat wallet/billfold because of his receipts --- my wallet can sometimes get to that state.  I don't keep the receipts as keepsakes.  I keep them because I'm paranoid about leaving my banking information in the trash.  So - what I do is I keep them in my wallet - then once a month - I shred them using my shredder at home.

Last Christmas - I discovered that Muji actually has a portable shredder.  It doesn't need electricity to operate - you just turn a know clockwise - similar to the motion you make when using a pencil sharpener.   It's very handy - and can even fit in your purse or man-purse.  

I excitedly showed it to my friends --- and they were not amused.  They asked me why I can't just tear up the receipts using my bare hands.  Uh-duh-uhm.  I don't have any answer to that question.


  1. Hi can you tell me where is the muji Store located?

    1. I got mine from the Muji Store at Greenbelt in Makati Philippines

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  3. One of the best paper shredder! That was cool and portable too.