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Scenes from Boracay

The temperature in Baguio is dropping.  It's mostly pleasant - but it also makes me think of the past summer.  The queens went to Boracay - and had a blast.  I was also able to use my Canon SX220 - which is a small camera - with a big zoom.  This allowed me to take pictures of different scenes in Boracay.

Surfer Dude ( Actually Skim Boarding Dude )

Vendors - they sell hats, shades

Foreigner Couple

The over-tanned speedo wearing foreigner

The Barkada

Willy's Rock

Paraw ( with a Condom ad )

Lover's Quarrel?

And of Course - the magnificent sunset of Boracay


  1. The sunset is what I missed the most in Boracay! I'm booking a flight next week, hopefully I can take photos as good as you. Thanks for sharing! My favorite photo is "The Barkada"

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I'm jealous - I want to go to Boracay too :D.

    2. The summer has begun! It lasts until May, so you have more time to book a flight. As far as I know, the best season to enjoy your vacation is around the end of March to April. But if you want a slightly more peaceful vacation there, now's a good time! Hoping to see for photos from you! :)

  2. Yeah, Lord, you should really visit the place! I myself could attest to what Hannah just told you. Everyone is so friendly and almost every place in it possess a scenic view especially the sunrise and the sunset. You should plan and come to see the place personally.