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Starbucks Planner 2013

The tradition of Starbucks Planners lives on in the Holiday season of 2012.   This year - I was able to get just one planner.  Ever since I switched to drinking tea - I rarely go to Starbucks.  I was actually thinking that I might not be able to collect all the stickers to get the planner.  I actually did - thanks to times when I bought coffee for some friends and family members.

Did previous planners come in a box?

Sosyal.  Wrapped in White wrapping Paper.

I got the white planner.  Other options were brown and green.

Opening to February - you see quotes about friendship, relationships.

The freebies.  Err - not all are free - you need to purchase something to get the freebie.

This magnetic bookmark is so cool

Got the pen.  It's not free - you have to pay for it.

The pen comes with two refills.  

You might ask - what Christmas Starbucks drink do I order?   I typically order a tall iced, non-fat, no whipped cream, decaffeinated, toffee nut latte.

My dear readers - did you get a Starbucks planner this year?  How many did you collect?  What's the color of your Starbucks planner?

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