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The Children of Baguio during Panagbenga 2013

Children are always interesting subjects.  Their faces can say so much about how they feel at that moment you captured their photo.  During the street dance competition - there were many children performing or just watching the parade.

Panagbenga 2013 - Street Dance

The Panagbenga festival is not complete if there's no street dancing.  Ffilipinos love to party - and we also love to dance.  So one day in the month of February - different groups parade their dancing skills in colofrul costumes.

Dancing is best captured with video.  Thanks to Vine - I am able to capture 6 second videos of the different groups.   I wish I can link the Vine videos on my blog posts - similar to the youtube videos.  For now - I just uploaded to YouTube the local copy of the videos from my iphone.

Cafe by The Ruins

Finally - I was able to visit Cafe by the Ruins. It's not my first time since I had lunch at this restaurant during my pevious visits to Baguio - but it is my first time ever since I moved to Baguio.

I had Bibingcakes and Hot Chocolate. I love the hot chocolate - thick and served in a demi cup. I also liked the Bibingcakes but wished it was served with more coconut.

I also ordered black tea and fell in love with the clay teapot. I'm planning to visit another time - for merienda or just to buy bread from the bakery.

Panagbenga 2013 - Float Parade

It's my first time to experience the Panagbenga festival.  For my readers from another country - Panagbenga is the flower festival of the City of Baguio.  It's a month long celebration - and the most attended event is the float parade ( where floats made of flowers parade from Panagbenga Park to Melvin Jones stadium ).  

The queens tried to catch the start of the parade - but missed the start because apparently it starts at 7:00 AM ( we went to Upper Session Road at 8:00 AM ).  There was already a large crowd at Upper Session Road.  We won't be able to see anything by staying there so we decided to walk to Session Road near SM - and found even a larger crowd.  I thought of just going through the public market and walking towards Session Road along Magsaysay Ave. and we finally found a spot at Maharlika.  

I wish I could be closer for the parade but - still had good enough shots to share with you my dear readers.  Here are some of the highlights of the Parade.

Miss Earth Philippines and Manhunt International Winner

Birds Eye View

The ABS CBN Float with Artistas

The crowd at Maharlika which shared the experience with us.

Mushroom Float

Igorot Women

Igorot Man

Lion Float


SM FLoat

Floral Float


Daniel Matsunaga on the Smart Communications Float

Gary Valenciano

GMA Seven - Indio Float

Nexus 7

I am not an Android virgin.  I used to have an HTC Hero - which I think had Android Donut ( or was it Eclair? ).  When I first got my HTC Hero - I loved it but as I started to use it - I found the phone to be slow and sometimes unresponsive.  Eventually - I sold it ( after one year ) - then I switched to the dark side ( I got an iPhone 4s ).   Since then - I've bought mostly Apple products --- but I've always been itching to try Android after the many iterations in the past couple of years.

On my last trip to the US - I thought that the best way to try it out is with the Nexus 7.  It runs native Android ( Jelly Bean ).  It has an impressive processor and wonderful display --- all for just 199 USD ( before taxes ).   So I decided to get one - not the 199 USD variant ( 16 GB ) - but the 249 USD variant ( 32 GB ) - because the lower priced model was out of stock.

LIke any shiny new toy - I was so excited as I unboxed it.

I don't read manuals - so I had a hard time looking for the on-off switch, which I later found to be on the upper right hand side above the volume rocker.

Setup was quick - I just had to login using my Google ID.

I've been playing with it for the past week and I am truly impressed with the responsiveness of the gadget.  Apps open instantaneously.  The layout is a bit confusing for my taste.

There's just one thing that I found concerning with the unit that I got.  The 3 mm headphone jack seems to be broken.  My next trip to the US is not till June --- but I may have to exchange and return this because when an earphone is plugged into the jack -- it doesn't work.  It only works if it's plugged in halfway - which is annoying.

But apart from the earphone jack --- everything about this gadget is great -- and with a price like that -- I will dare say it's the best tablet that your money can buy.

Raw Mixed Nuts

I've been eating raw food for lunch, snacks, and dinner as part of my quest to loose weight and have a healthier lifestyle.   I bought these raw mixed nuts from the US during my last trip.  I sometimes cover them in honey - and mix them up with my salad.  Mixed nuts are great sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.   The best thing about them - apart from being healthful - is that they're yummy!

Fashionable Tape Dispenser

I love this Tape Dispenser from Scotch.  I got this from National Bookstore last year.  The ladies in the office love it and I actually gave them as gifts last Christmas.  Made me popular with the ladies :). 

Ketchup Food Community

When I have friends and family visiting Baguio - I tell them to try out Ketchup Food Community.  I actually throw them off a bit - by telling them to look for KFC close to Pacdal Circle.  Most of them think of the chicken fast food chain and wonder what's so special about it.  When they see the name of the place - Ketchup Food Community - most of them give me a smile - telling me that I've been a naughty boy - for making them think they'd be getting fried chicken.

Ketchup is actually composed of five restaurants.  The restaurants serve different cuisines ( Thai, Indonesian/Malay, Western ).

The following dishes is probably my most favorite to order when I go to Ketchup.  They are served by Canto.  They are Baby Back Ribs and Nachos Salad.   Wonderful dishes - and great price point too.

I highly recommend that you try this out next time you're in Baguio.  It used to be the local's secret but blogs have actually hyped it up much - that you now have a lot of tourists checking it out too.

Brookstone Mobile Charger

When I got the Brookstone portable scanner - I also bought the Brookstone Mobile Charger.  This battery will allow me to fully use the scanner even if there's no power outlet around.  It also works with the wireless drive that I have ( the G-Connect ).  It can also charge my iPad.

Nest iPad Stand

I bought this iPad Stand from Qruis - a store at the Powerplant mall which sells interesting accessories for your gadgets.   This iPad Stand is called Nest.  What I like about this stand is that I can actually use it even with the iPad wearing the Apple Smart Cover.  It can also serve as a stand for other tablets ( like my new Nexus 7 ) and my iPhone 5.

THis is a great stand for doing video calling, watching videos or when I am typing my blog using my blue tooth keyboard.

Brookstone iConvert Scanner

All the traveling I do for my job has introduced a problem into my life.  I have to file my expense receipts when I travel - or else filing my expense reports become a problem.  I know that I can use my phone to capture an image of my receipts - which is ok for small receipts - but for big ones --- it doesn't work that well.

I first saw this scanner at Target - then I saw it at Brookstone.  You scan your documents and it gets loaded into your iPad ( it also works with the iPhone and the iPod Touch ).

For it to work - you need to download the app that comes with it from the app store.  You also need to calibrate the scanner before you use it with the calibration card that comes with it.

The scanner works well.  BTW - it's light - so carrying it with you - isn't too much of a problem.  

It comes with the old 30 pin connector - so you need the 30 pin to lightning connector if you have devices which comes with the smaller apple connector.