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Brookstone iConvert Scanner

All the traveling I do for my job has introduced a problem into my life.  I have to file my expense receipts when I travel - or else filing my expense reports become a problem.  I know that I can use my phone to capture an image of my receipts - which is ok for small receipts - but for big ones --- it doesn't work that well.

I first saw this scanner at Target - then I saw it at Brookstone.  You scan your documents and it gets loaded into your iPad ( it also works with the iPhone and the iPod Touch ).

For it to work - you need to download the app that comes with it from the app store.  You also need to calibrate the scanner before you use it with the calibration card that comes with it.

The scanner works well.  BTW - it's light - so carrying it with you - isn't too much of a problem.  

It comes with the old 30 pin connector - so you need the 30 pin to lightning connector if you have devices which comes with the smaller apple connector.

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