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Ketchup Food Community

When I have friends and family visiting Baguio - I tell them to try out Ketchup Food Community.  I actually throw them off a bit - by telling them to look for KFC close to Pacdal Circle.  Most of them think of the chicken fast food chain and wonder what's so special about it.  When they see the name of the place - Ketchup Food Community - most of them give me a smile - telling me that I've been a naughty boy - for making them think they'd be getting fried chicken.

Ketchup is actually composed of five restaurants.  The restaurants serve different cuisines ( Thai, Indonesian/Malay, Western ).

The following dishes is probably my most favorite to order when I go to Ketchup.  They are served by Canto.  They are Baby Back Ribs and Nachos Salad.   Wonderful dishes - and great price point too.

I highly recommend that you try this out next time you're in Baguio.  It used to be the local's secret but blogs have actually hyped it up much - that you now have a lot of tourists checking it out too.

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