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Nexus 7

I am not an Android virgin.  I used to have an HTC Hero - which I think had Android Donut ( or was it Eclair? ).  When I first got my HTC Hero - I loved it but as I started to use it - I found the phone to be slow and sometimes unresponsive.  Eventually - I sold it ( after one year ) - then I switched to the dark side ( I got an iPhone 4s ).   Since then - I've bought mostly Apple products --- but I've always been itching to try Android after the many iterations in the past couple of years.

On my last trip to the US - I thought that the best way to try it out is with the Nexus 7.  It runs native Android ( Jelly Bean ).  It has an impressive processor and wonderful display --- all for just 199 USD ( before taxes ).   So I decided to get one - not the 199 USD variant ( 16 GB ) - but the 249 USD variant ( 32 GB ) - because the lower priced model was out of stock.

LIke any shiny new toy - I was so excited as I unboxed it.

I don't read manuals - so I had a hard time looking for the on-off switch, which I later found to be on the upper right hand side above the volume rocker.

Setup was quick - I just had to login using my Google ID.

I've been playing with it for the past week and I am truly impressed with the responsiveness of the gadget.  Apps open instantaneously.  The layout is a bit confusing for my taste.

There's just one thing that I found concerning with the unit that I got.  The 3 mm headphone jack seems to be broken.  My next trip to the US is not till June --- but I may have to exchange and return this because when an earphone is plugged into the jack -- it doesn't work.  It only works if it's plugged in halfway - which is annoying.

But apart from the earphone jack --- everything about this gadget is great -- and with a price like that -- I will dare say it's the best tablet that your money can buy.

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