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Ochado Milk Tea

I'm a milk tea addict.  I go for almost all brands - as long as they have toppings apart from pearls ( which I don't like ).   Moving to Baguio - this is one food item that I missed a lot.  Which is why whenever I visit Manila - I will go to my favorite brands in Makati and get half a litter or a full litter serving of my favorite flavor.

When Ochado opened in SM City Baguio --- I was one happy camper.  They are located on the basement level, right in front of the super market.   What flavors do I order?  I get the Matcha with Adzuki Bean or the Pudding Milk Tea.

I only wish they had Rock Salt with cheese topping.  


  1. Sir, Rock Salt cheese series is now available at Ochado Baguio

    1. Good to hear that. I'm looking forward to trying it.