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The Apple Wireless Keyboard

I've had an iPad for three years now.  In those three years,  I have used my iPad mainly for consuming content ( browsing, facebook, twitter, other social networks ).   I have tried to use it to do some work (mainly blogging) or editing photos.   It's great for editing photos.  Most of the apps for photo editing do a very good job ( Filterstorm, iPhoto, Aviary ).  The problem is when you have to type an article.  I find it very difficult to type fast using the device keyboard.  I bought keyboards before - which used a rubberized material.  I didn't like them because they were not that sensitive and I end up with numerous typo errors because of those keyboards.  So I finally decided to get the Apple bluetooth keyboard.   It's been great so far.   This blog entry was edited using the keyboard.   BTW - I've been thinking of getting a Windows Surface Pro - precisely for the attachable keyboard.   I decided not to do that and set me back for over 1,000 USD.   With this keyboard for less than 100 USD --- I get what I was looking for using my existing iPad.

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