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My Furbabies

My Furbabies, originally uploaded by jumpnjoey16.

Brita is the German Shorthaired pointer.

Char Siew is the Chinese Shar Pei.

Midori is not Japanese - even if she has a Japanese name. She is a Beagle.

Little Char Siew

Harmony, originally uploaded by jumpnjoey16.

Looking at this photo,  I can't believe Char Siew was this tiny.

Please don't Step on the Grass

Char Siew, originally uploaded by jumpnjoey16.

Char Siew says: I don't care how beautiful the garden is. The grass is wet - and I don't want to get my paws wet.

Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Festival, originally uploaded by jumpnjoey16.

If you are in the Baguio or La Trinidad area, you may want to check out the Strawberry Festival.

For more details on the event - visit their website and the calendar of activities.

Dance Central on Kinect

I just bought a television for my bedroom.  I moved my Xbox into the room so I can play Dance Central in the privacy of my room.  Playing Dance Central is one of the ways that I'm trying to increase my physical activity.

I love Dance Central.  I have all the versions now - 1,2, and 3.  I have imported Dance Central 2 into my Dance Central 3 game -- but I'm having a hard time importing Dance Central 1 - which means I can't dance to Lady Gaga songs along with the Usher and Dance Bieber songs of Dance Central 2 and 3.

For those who are not familiar with this console --- it is the game console owned and built by Microsoft.    It comes with a sensor that actually "sees" your movement and that is how you control the games.  So it's perfect for Dance games.

It can really keep you blood pumping and help you lose those unwanted pounds  You don't believe me?  Look at these pictures it captured of me.  Do you see the cuts on my shoulders?  Compare that to the earlier photos that I had ( wearing the Spider Man T-shirt ).  I'm a bit chubby in the latter pics.

Quick Trip to Camp John Hay

Daddy and I are going on a mini-roadtrip.  We are going to Camp John Hay.  It's one of our favorite places to hang out.  I like sniffing the floor in that park.

I wonder what we're waiting for?  I'm ready daddy.  Can we go now?

You can't see it in this pic - but I'm wearing my pretty pink collar.

Ah.  We're here at last!

Lovely day to sniff all these interesting scent.

That was tiring --- now time to hang out at the nearest Starbucks.

Father and Child

Father and Child, originally uploaded by jumpnjoey16.
You typically see photos of Madonna and Child. In this photo - I tried to capture a Father and Child dynamic.

Trying a New Sport

I was never athletic.  I was a klutz growing up.  I wore thick eyeglasses.  I was never good at sports.  I don't know how to play basketball.  I tried volleyball but was never good at it.  I also tried chess - but I didn't have the patience to sit through the game.

In my current job - there are times that I am called to join visitors and my other colleagues in a game of golf.  I like the scenery that goes with the sport.  I know that it will also give me a good excuse to wear goofy golf clothes ( plaid pants ).  So I'm trying real hard to learn the sport.

The good news is that I live in a city where playing golf can be really pleasant.  Cool climate all year round.

I'll give you updates on my progress in future posts.  For now - wish me luck!

Crumpler Laptop Bag

I've been looking for a laptop bag that I can use when I'm traveling.  I have two Tenba camera bags that I use and it's big enough for 13 inch laptops ( which I have ).  It should also carry my Canon 60D and the 18-200 mm lens.  The problem that I have with the Tenba bag - is that it can really be tight inside the bag and I don't have space for a notebook and the power cord for the laptop.

So I hunted for a new bag - and I found this Laptop bag from Crumpler.  It can fit 17 inch laptops. It has a lot of space.  I've been using it as my office bag and I end up having so much space because I don't typically bring my camera when I go to the office.

This is the Skivvy model.  They also have the 13 inch and the 15 inch sizes - which are still great bags if you need less space than I do.

On Angel's Wings Mobile Device Stand

I found this lovely stand for my iPhone.   They look like Angel's wings and it has a suction cup that attaches to the back of the iPhone.

You can have your iPhone on landscape mode for watching videos.

You can also have it on Portrait - for FaceTime.

Lightcatchers Crystals

I was born on the year of the Ox.  This year - which is the year of Snake - is actually a lucky one for Oxen like me.  These animals of the Chinese Astrology have an affinity with each other - which is why I'm actually looking forward to the many blessings that this year may have for me.

Although the stars may actually say that it is a good year for me - I know that a big part of what I may receive for the year also has something to do with my overall disposition.  I need to think positive thoughts - and I need to have really good feelings for me to receive the good fortune.  I've used crystals for the past couple of years to ensure that this happens.  

While I was on Session road last week during the Session Road in Bloom celebration,  I chanced upon the booth of Lightcatchers Crystals.   I spoke with Chiara, her brother and her mom.  I knew that I was actually going to get treasures from them because I was feeling a very strong positive energy coming from their booth.  We spoke of the previous crystals that I already have - for example rose quartz, aventurine, my dzi beads, aquamarine.  I found out that what I had were actually good crystals - but there are actually other crystals that may actually bring more focus on those intentions that I have programmed on those crystals.  For example - I have aquamarine for safe travels.  I learned that aquamarine is for safe travels over a body of water.  If you want an all around safe travel crystal - you may want to get the topaz.  Rose Quartz - is another one that I have to improve the romantic aspect of my life.  I learned that Rose Quartz is good in enhancing self love which is actually a prerequisite to actual romance --- but if I want to attract other people - Garnet and Topaz are the crystals that I may want to have.

Anyways - we had a very long conversation - so I may not be able to tell you all about it.  But I do want to share with you some of the things that I now have from LightCatchers Crystals.

Amonite/Amolite - Is actually a fossilized shell.  Fossilized shells are symbols of prosperity and Good Luck.  If you are looking for promotion - this might be stone for you.  Word of warning - promotions do come with additional responsibilities - so you might be careful about wishing for that. 

This is Garnet - I already said in the beginning of this post that Garnet inspires romantic love.  It is also a stone that can give you protection against theft/mugging. 

So as not to lose the small garnet stone that I got - I had it placed inside this mesh pouch.

This is topaz.  It's blue like aquamarine.  This I got for safe voyage.

Lastly - I got this Tourmalinated Quartz.  It combines the qualities of Tourmaline - which is good for protecting against negativities - thus protecting you from it - and Quartz - amplifies energies focused through it.  So this is a good protection stone - to help me against any negativities that people may have been throwing my way.

NOTE:  Some of the things I wrote in this blog post was lifted from the flier that LightCatchers Crystals gave me when I got these stones. 

If you want to know more about Ligthcatchers Cyrstals - visit their Facebook page at

Lightcatchers Crystals

29 Sari-Sari Section Baguio City Market
2:30 pm to 6:00 pm Monday to Saturday

2nd Floor, Abanao Square Mall
9:00 AM to 8:00 PM Daily

Mobile: +639277878899

Hiland Harvest Veggie Chips

In a previous post,  I wrote about Malunggay Shing-A-Ling at the Midnight Mercato.  Someone left a comment on that blog and asked me where they can buy that shing-a-ling.   I wasn't able to provide that information and directed that reader to the midnight mercato organizers.  I now have good news and bad news.  I found another shing-a-ling vendor in Baguio.  That's the good news.  I also got their contact information which you will find at the end of this blog post.  The bad news is that they don't have any online presence --- so you will need to contact them via the phone numbers that I listed.

BTW --- did I mention that these shing-a-ling from Hiland Harvest are really good?  

Hiland Harvest
Bagong Bayani Family Association
Ambiong, La Trinidad, Benguet
+63 929 3219088

Prime Rose Kitchen Oriental Salad Dressing

I'm on a raw food diet.  Actually - it's an almost all raw food diet.  I have restricted myself to eating cooked food for breakfast.  All other meals - I can only eat fruits, vegetables ( maybe fish ) that are uncooked.   So to give variety to my meals - I look for different types of dressing for my salads.  Strictly speaking - I should just be eating with oil and vinegar dressing.  I'm sorry - I'm human - I cannot eat salads with plain oil and vinegar everyday.  Every now and then - I can eat it - but not everyday.

The good news is that I am able to find different dressing in Baguio.  Last weekend - I was able to find a delicious - and attractively priced product while I was walking along Session Road.   The name of the salad dressing is Prime Rose Kitchen Oriental dressing.   This is the same dressing that you typically find in Japanese restaurants.  I bought a small bottle ( for 50 Pesos ) - so I can try it first.  After finishing the bottle - I had to buy more - because this dressing is delicious.

I also bought Chili Garlic Oil from the same vendor.  I have yet to try it but I opened the bottle and it smells Oh so good.

To know more about this product - please contact them through these numbers.  If you're in the Baguio area - you can get the dressing and their other products at the Monterey Meat Shop on Caltex near Victory Liner.

Prime Rose Kitchen
Km. 4 La Trinidad, Benguet
+63 917 5508182
+63 939 914 5200
+63 74 423 0600

Panagbenga - Session Rd. in Bloom

For the last week of the Panagbenga month - Session Road was closed to vehicular traffic.  Booths were setup for different merchandise.  Last weekend - I walked along session and saw food, clothes, handicrafts, and telecommunications booths.

At the top of the hill - there's a stage where different artists perform.

Shing-a-Ling anyone?   There's an upcoming post on these.  Read about it in my next blog entry.

Even schools have booths.

Kebab anyone?

The whole place is packed. Here - I tried to get a composite image of the people who were passing by this lamps store.

Made me laugh.  Then made me scared?  What are they selling?

I got a bunch of stuff from walking around.  Looking forward to next year's Session Road in Bloom

Hello Lulu Skylor Camera Strap

I found a very cute camera strap that I can use for my Sony NEX-5: The Hello Lulu Skylor.   I got a blue strap - that just fits my overall casual demeanor when I do my photo walk-about.

I chose blue.  You can also get it in black and pink.

The strap is made of leather and canvass.

One thing that worries me is the connection to the camera.  I hope this tie-loop will hold.  Note to self - not good for my heavy DSLR.

The strap adjusts ( like a belt ) around your wrist.

For clumsy guys like me --- this is perfect.

My Silver Cambridge Satchel

I got another bag from Cambridge Satchel.  This time it's a 13 inch original design.  The faint of heart will most probably shy away from this color - SILVER.  Yup -- shiny bright silver.  The other option that I had was gold.  I think my skin tone agrees with silver more than gold.  

It's a fun bag to carry.  I'm using it while I'm out and about session road this Panagbenga 2013.  It's not easy to open - so I'm pretty sure the contents of my bag ( wallet, 7 inch tablet, iphone ) are safe.

Oh BTW - I also got this at 50% off.  So I got it for 5,000 pesos.  Very good deal, isn't it?