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Hiland Harvest Veggie Chips

In a previous post,  I wrote about Malunggay Shing-A-Ling at the Midnight Mercato.  Someone left a comment on that blog and asked me where they can buy that shing-a-ling.   I wasn't able to provide that information and directed that reader to the midnight mercato organizers.  I now have good news and bad news.  I found another shing-a-ling vendor in Baguio.  That's the good news.  I also got their contact information which you will find at the end of this blog post.  The bad news is that they don't have any online presence --- so you will need to contact them via the phone numbers that I listed.

BTW --- did I mention that these shing-a-ling from Hiland Harvest are really good?  

Hiland Harvest
Bagong Bayani Family Association
Ambiong, La Trinidad, Benguet
+63 929 3219088

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